Why is content so important?

Content is still king. Without great content, your campaigns will have a shorter effective lifespan and not perform well.

If you want your practice to grow then you must have a meaningful presence on social media - and you can't have an effective presence without good content.

By the way, we have a helpful article on this topic called What is content?

When someone sees your ad and then goes to your Facebook page or Instagram account they're doing that because they're interested in your offer and now want to get a 'feel' for your practice.

It's a crucial point because it's the very beginning of the 'Know, Like and Trust' phases.

Our mission is to help you grow, but one of the biggest challenges we have in achieving that aim is that we sometimes don’t get enough fresh, good quality content from practices.

This is a key part of the success of your campaigns.

Every now and again we need to change the images in your ads to keep them interesting and fresh to your audience.

The more content that we have available to use, the more genuine and realistic that content is, as opposed to just stock images - the better your campaigns will perform.

That means more treatment uptake and a much better return on your investment.

If you need inspiration, here's a useful article for creating great quality content.

Need some ideas for photos and videos you can use in your Facebook Ads?