Welcome to the Ignite Growth Help Centre

Following Up With Leads

Lead follow-up is a crucial part of the process, learn about strategies to filter leads with strong intent here.

Invisalign Open Days

Invisalign Open Days are a great way to book lots of valuable new cases by attracting patients who are ready to buy.

Facebook Ad Account

Your Facebook Ad Account is the mission control for your campaigns. It can seem overwhelming but we're here to help.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook Ad Campaigns are a great way to deliver new patients and increase treatment uptake.

Video Consultations

Video consultations were a fantastic tool during lockdown. They still have a very useful role to play post lockdown.

FB Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is the tool you use to manage and share your Facebook assets like your Page, Pixel and Ad account.

Terms & Conditions

It's important that we make our terms & conditions/privacy policies clear and readily accessible. So read them here!

Sticky Bar

Sticky bars are a fantastic cost-effective way to increase treatment uptake, without spending money on ads.

Booking Online

Having a way of letting your new patients book themselves in gives them the great feeling of being in control.


Campaigns for Implants are different from Invisalign. There's a difference in the time it takes to convert too.

Open Days

Open Days are a fantastic way to create excitement, buzz and a sense of exclusivity around a high ticket treatment.

Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics are incredibly popular treatments, that's why it's also a highly competitive market.

Facebook Page

Your Facebook page is your home on Facebook. That's why is so important you keep it fresh and up to date.


Acuity is an online calendar/booking tool. It's quite easy to use but also very powerful.


WhatsApp is owned by Facebook so it's here to stay. Find out how to use it to your advantage.

Getting Started

Getting started with Ignite super simple, here's how it works.