Need some ideas for photos and videos you can use in your Facebook Ads?

Sometimes it can feel challenging to find ideas and the time for creating new pictures and videos for your Facebook ads. Here are some great ideas to make it easier for you.

Here's a link to some pictures and video examples of what you could create for yourself:

Here are some general ideas:

Various pictures or short videos of the team & practice

  • Reception staff waving or saying hello.
  • Dentist with a happy, smiling patient.
  • A short tour of the waiting area.
  • Selfie in surgery or with a patient.
  • Doing silly things with smile props etc.
  • Invisalign Branding (clear braces/Invisalign bag/ Invisalign case).
  • Dentist and patient holding up an Invisalign bag.
  • Itero Scan Video.
  • Itero Scan Consultation.
  • Smile Simulation.
  • Before/after video (not a side by side but more like a transition).

Video testimonials from a happy patient

  • A quick video, shot on your phone with a patient, where they speak about their treatment.
  • Ask them to focus on how they felt before the treatment and how they feel now.
  • This can be around 30-60 seconds.

Short educational videos

  • A practitioner talking about specific problems (crooked teeth, lack of confidence, covering smile, gaps for example).
  • How the specific treatment can overcome these problems.
  • Focus more on the benefits and the outcome of the treatment rather than the features - i.e. discuss how your patients regain confidence and smile more - instead of talking about the latest scanner or 3d printing technique.

Smile reveal 

  • Capture the surprise and joy on a patient's face as they see their new smile in a mirror.
  • This can be around 30-60 seconds max.

Clinician performing a scan/facial analysis

  • This can be around 30-60 seconds max.

A note on 'Before and Afters'

Before and after pictures are certainly very powerful when used on your website.

Unfortunately, they are against Facebook terms and conditions (for advertising) around 'Personal Attributes' so they won't get approved as a part of an ad.

Here's some further reading on the topic on the Facebook site.