Why do some people fill in the online form but not book a consultation?

You'll find that not everyone will go ahead to book themselves into your calendar - here's why.

When someone clicks on your ad they:

Go to the landing page > fill out the form > see a confirmation page > go to the calendar.

The calendar page is where they can choose a time for the consultation - but because that step is optional, not everyone will book in.

There are several reasons why this might happen.

  • They don't know you.
  • They have no idea what's going on and think this all might be a scam.
  • They didn't find a suitable time on the calendar.
  • They're just shopping around.

Facebook leads are quite different from referrals or patients that come to you directly, because they may not be ready to buy just yet.

It doesn't mean that these leads won't buy in time, but they're just gathering information and looking at their options right now. 

So don't give up on them.

That's where a sound follow-up process can have a big impact on converting leads and increasing treatment uptake. It's imperative you reach out to leads as soon as possible, especially if they haven't booked into your calendar yet.

We have an article about this called  When and how should I contact a lead the first time?

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