When and how should I contact a lead the first time?

People tend not to pick up calls from landlines they don't recognise, so use a mobile phone instead.

As soon as someone sends you an inquiry about your ad, you'll be sent an email with the lead's details.

You'll also find this information in the patient management spreadsheet we’ve set up through your resources page.

It is best to call your leads from a mobile phone right away.

As the process has been fairly automated and they filled out a form on Facebook, it's nice to give the lead a human touch at this point and build up their trust in you and your practice by personally approaching them.

Your attentiveness and professionalism will be judged on how quickly you follow up with them.

If the lead doesn’t pick up, send a follow-up message on Facebook Messenger (if you have this integration set up). Otherwise, send a WhatsApp message and/or text messages.

Here are some Text/WhatsApp Message Templates that you can use.

Why send a text and call from a mobile number?

People are always on their phones, especially these leads who have opted in through Facebook or Instagram.

They don't necessarily like to answer calls from unknown numbers (especially landline numbers).

It’s very effective to message someone a personalised text from a mobile number rather than a generic “automated” message, and you are usually bound to get a reply.

During this phone call, you may have to answer some questions about the treatment but try to keep the tone very open and friendly.

It's similar to a sales call, even though you don't have to sell anything quite yet.

Keep in mind that these people may have a lot of questions and that it's your job to answer them and then get them booked in.

We recommend still following up with the leads who did book in because you still want to build up trust, make sure they understand what is going to happen by telling them what the patient's journey is.

This will help minimize the FTA ratio as well.

An effective follow-up call will help:

  • Minimize FTAs (Failed to Attends).
  • Maximize the number of bookings.
  • Build rapport with the leads to increase the 'Know, Like and Trust' factors.