What can we do when the cost per lead increases?

CPL or cost per lead is an important metric that can go up as well as down. Here's what we can do to bring it back in line.

We always keep a very close eye on your campaigns and optimise them twice a week.

However, the cost per lead does vary depending on the market conditions within Facebook, which means the CPL can go up (as well as down!).

Usually when the CPL goes higher and the campaign managers have tried all the optimising techniques - that's when we would refresh the images and videos. 

It really does help the campaign performance when we have new content to use.

That's why it's very important for you to send us new content on a regular basis i.e. at least once a month. 

But we also understand that sometimes it can feel challenging to find time to create new pictures and videos. The good news is this content doesn't have to be super polished - so don't feel under pressure to create a masterpiece!

Just pull out your smartphone (it has all of the image quality and features you'll need) to record and send us great pictures and videos - so it's super easy and convenient to do.


Images that are not super polished actually work best on social media because they look authentic and relatable.


We have a great article to help you with suggestions for pictures and videos called Ideas for photos and videos you can use in your Facebook Ads.

When your campaign goes live we'll send you a link to a dedicated folder for your practice on Google Drive.

Just send us an email to let us know when you've uploaded new content for us to use.

Your Growth Manager will then go through them and see what's working best for your audience in the campaigns.