Why you should compete on value and not price

The easiest way to generate new leads is to offer a low price. But that won't always lead to them converting into patients. Instead, increase your value and you'll attract the best kind of new patients.

No dental practices want to be in the race to the bottom - it's a race you don't want to win.

But the aim is not to have the cheapest price.

The aim is to provide the most value for your patients, make a big impact and charge what you’re worth.

Even though it's a bit harder to generate leads, we always recommend simply offering a free consultation and not a big price reduction - because for the right kind of new patient, that's going to be enough.

It doesn’t have to be an hour-long orthodontist consultation either, they could just come in for a 20-minute chat.

If you have a scanner and the time available, you could also include a smile simulation as part of your offer.

Of course, it’s easier for a marketing agency to generate leads for you if you’re offering a very low price.

The problem is those leads will usually be window shoppers who are very price-sensitive, so you'll find a lot of them will simply evaporate. This will result in wasting your team's time - and your ad spend.

So the lesson here is that we want to try and focus on the value of:

  • What you offer
  • Your experience
  • Your brand
  • Your scan
  • The experience and the final transformation you can deliver


The right kind of person will put a lot of value in seeing someone who specializes in helping them get their dream smile - without you having to give them a big reduction in price.