Why should I use WhatsApp?

Whenever we talk to healthcare businesses about sending texts, the default answer is 'our practice software could do that'. But there's a much better way.

The challenge with using your practice software to send SMS messages is that patients are unable to reply in most cases - never mind the fact that you have to actually add the person onto the system as a patient first (even if it's just a website enquiry!).

For that reason, we always recommend getting a separate practice mobile and using WhatsApp instead.

For web

WhatsApp has a great tool called WhatsApp Web where you can access it from the browser on your computer, making it super easy to integrate it into your existing workflow without sitting there 'texting' on your phone the whole time.

For business

There is also a business version of WhatsApp which has some additional features like being able to save message templates for common replies (like your address, directions or your opening hours) and labelling your chats.

Lastly, if you want to send a text from your computer and not through WhatsApp, you can do that by installing MightyText on your phone which is very convenient.

Make sure there's one person on your team who is responsible and accountable for manning the practice mobile - that way you can respond to new enquiries quickly and nothing slips through the cracks! WhatsApp enables you to reply to enquires in a quick and efficient manner, ensuring both you and the potential patient are on the same page.