Why don't some people want to pay the deposit?

You need to build trust before you can ask for a deposit.

In this article, you'll learn the reasons why some people don't want to leave a deposit.

A resistence to leaving a deposit is most likely due to one or two reasons:

  • They don’t trust you enough
  • They’re not motivated enough.

With Facebook and Instagram leads, the former is more often the case.

Because these leads came across you on social media and filled out a form, they have yet to build up trust in the practice, so they may not want to part with their card details just yet.

We suggest building up that trust first by adding a human touch to the process - then you can be more direct about taking a deposit.

  • To develop trust you'll need to build rapport on the call.
  • To strengthen motivation, dig into the transformational benefit for the patient - what they’ll feel or be able to do after the treatment that they can’t right now.
  • Talk about having a straighter smile that will give them more confidence or to look their best for their wedding day as an example.

Look out for phrases such as:

“I don’t have my card on me,”

“I’ll ring back later to pay the deposit,”

You should view these as likely indicators of low levels of intent.