Do implant leads take longer to convert?

Have you noticed that implant leads take longer to convert? Here's why.

You're going to find that implant leads from Google, Facebook and Instagram do take a little bit longer to convert and need more handholding during the follow-up process than regular Invisalign leads.

That's to be expected because the demographic for an implant lead is quite different from an Invisalign lead.

The demographic is typically an older person who is less sure about proceeding because the whole campaign begins online. Often they can feel doubtful and unsure about whether the offer is genuine or some sort of scam.

The other factor is they're often not entirely sure what an implant actually is.

Sometimes new patients can think that implants are a sort of crown or bridge and the cost is only going to be around £300 - £500.

So when they discover the real cost, they're often quite surprised.

This is where having some form of attractive payment plan in place can really help with treatment uptake.

They'll certainly need more education about what the treatment involves, so that they can fully understand whether implants are right for them. This is usually done during the follow-up call.

Often, the leads who need implants have neglected their mouths and that's why they need implants in the first place. However, you may also find that there is preparatory work that needs to be undertaken in order to get them into a stable condition before the implant treatment can be undertaken.

This is why, sometimes, it's not quite as straightforward as the new patient thinks and that's why it will take a little bit longer for them to convert. But ultimately you should see a very good ROI (return on investment) for implants.