Who should we be targeting with our Facebook ad campaigns?

There are three types of people you should be retargeting in your campaigns.

Retargeting is an important part of the advertising mix and we always retarget three types of people.

1. Anyone who visits your website

They always tend to be warmer and more receptive because they already know who you are.

2. People who've already engaged with your Facebook page and Instagram.

This is one stage warmer because these people have actually engaged with your content rather than just viewed it. This can mean anything from liking, commenting on or sharing one of your social media posts.

3. Anyone who's been to the landing page, but who didn't sign up for the consultation.

Someone may have clicked on your ad because they're interested, but then they were distracted or it wasn't the right time to fill out their details and go ahead with the consultation.

However, because we've paid for that person's attention and they've expressed an interest, we retarget them to try and get them back into the practice at a later date.

4. Target the area around a radius of up to 10 miles around the practice.

Also known as a cold audience, this type of of targeting allows us to 'cold call' potential leads who live or work near your practice