What is the best day to run an Invisalign Open Day?

Open days are great initiatives, but is one day of the week better than any other day?

With open days we always see good results. Even with the lockdown being imposed, it did not greatly impact the effectiveness of Open Days.

Based on our data and evidence, there is no benefit or greater advantage in having an Open Day scheduled for a Sunday over a Tuesday, for example.

That means there's not a big difference between weekends or weekdays either - Open Days work well on any day of the week! 

Simply choose a day that works best for the practice, because you're going to have to dedicate one or two days to host the Open Day events.

Based on an internal study we conducted, we see that most practices prefer having their Open Day on Saturday, followed by Friday and then Thursday. This can be attributed to the fact that having the Open Day later on in the week ensures that leads are less busier and can attend the consultation on the day on time.