What results can we expect from an Invisalign Open Day?

If you've never run an Invisalign Open Day before, you might be wondering how successful they are. Here are the facts based on our verified data.

Compared to ongoing monthly Invisalign campaigns, Invisalign Open Days have a completely different campaign set up.

We've found that the cost per lead can be a little bit higher than regular monthly campaigns, but you'll get a better return on investment because your conversion rate on the day will be better.

That's because there's more excitement wrapped around the offer and it feels special and more 'exclusive'.


We recommend setting aside a whole day in the diary for the Open Day, which would usually be from 09:00 to 17:00.

That works out to about 16 appointments (30 minutes) per diary. (You can of course open up more diaries for additional clinicians when that first diary fills up!).

Our data shows that the conversion rate on these days is typically between 60% and 80%.

So that means you should convert around 10 patients per diary.

We know that the average revenue from each treatment is about £3,500 which translates to around £35,000 in revenue (per diary) - and that's a great return on your investment.


Oh and by the way - that's for a single Open Day, so if you had two days fully booked (which happens frequently with our campaigns) that's around £70,000 of revenue.

Some practices like to have an Open Day with more than one clinician's diary open.

Others like to run two Open Days with a single clinician - it's totally up to what works best for your practice.