What is the Ignite sticky bar?

Sticky bars are a fantastic cost-effective way to increase treatment uptake without spending money on ads.

The Ignite sticky bar is a banner that we put at the top of your website that promotes one of your high ticket treatments.

Here are two examples:

Sticky Bar 1

Sticky bar 2

Everyone who comes to your website will see the banner and a button that encourages people to 'book now' to apply for your offer.

When they click the button they're taken to our booking system.

We've seen that this simple addition can bring in about five or six Invisalign leads per week.

The great thing is that because they're already on your website:

  • They already know about you.
  • They know what they need.
  • There's no Facebook or Google ad cost

What would they be booking?

They'll be booking an appointment - you can decide what treatment the booking is for.

It could be to book themselves in for a video consultation or we can send them directly to a landing page for a specific high ticket treatment such as Invisalign.

The sticky bar sends them through the same process and patient journey as a regular Facebook lead.

The big difference is because they're already on your site, they're at a warmer stage along the buying cycle than a Facebook lead.


That means with these leads:

  • The follow-up time is shorter.
  • Less effort on your side is needed.
  • The conversion rates are higher.

How do you add the sticky bar to your site?

Adding the sticky bar is a super simple process.

We simply send you a short piece of code that your web developer adds to your site and that's it!

Remember that the flow of leads coming through the Sticky bar depends on the traffic your practice website is generating.