What is a good offer for an Invisalign Open Day campaign?

A strong offer is a key part of a successful Invisalign Open Day, but remember to always stack the value...

When promoting an Open Day we always make sure you have a strong special offer (not a massive discount).

It’s important to remember there’s a difference between good value and low price.

If someone feels the value of the treatment (the value being the life-enhancing benefit or transformation they’ll receive) is greater than the price, they will buy.

Here's an example of an offer that was very successful:

Sign-up for treatment on the day and get:


​✅ £250 OFF Invisalign® Treatment

✅ Free Teeth Whitening (worth £399)

✅ Free Retainers with full treatment (worth £250)

✅ Free Comprehensive Assessment (worth £110)


That's a total saving of more than £1,000!

When you present the offer this way (and stack the value of each item) it's an incredibly effective 'hook' and you'll find that people are excited and more ready to go ahead on the day rather than just offering a low price point.