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What do I say on the first follow-up call?

Your new lead has seen your ad, clicked on the CTA button, arrived at your landing page and filled in their details. Now it's time for you to get in touch!

This is a crucial part of the process to ensure a successful conversion from lead to patient.

So your marketing campaign has generated new leads as intended, and this is the stage where you gently transition into the sales part of the process.

Even though this is the first part of the move from marketing to sales - don't make the call all about selling - it should be more about relationship and confidence building.

Take a relaxed and conversational approach to the call, taking time to:

  • Prove that your practice is real and trustworthy - and your offer is genuine.
  • Get to know more about why they're interested in claiming your offer.
  • Identify any emotional triggers or motivation they may have.
  • Make sure they understand what the offer is all about and what's going to happen next.
  • Demonstrate that you and your practice are super professional and attentive.

Keep in mind that these people may have a lot of questions - be patient and try to keep the conversation open and friendly.

If someone has filled in the online form but didn't book themselves in the calendar you must still call them. It might be that they had some reservation, technical issue, question or could simply have been temporarily distracted.

Now is your big chance to help them book in. Ideally, their appointment would be within a week or the following week.

An effective follow-up call is essential and will help:

  • Minimize FTAs (Failed to Attends).
  • Maximize the number of bookings.
  • Build rapport with the leads to increase the 'Know, Like and Trust' factors.

This is also the time that you should ask for a deposit - we have an article about this called When and how should I take the deposit?

After they've booked in the calendar, you can help minimise FTAs and cancellations by sending these appointment confirmation messages: Text/WhatsApp Message Templates