What can I say in my Invisalign Open Day reminder messages?

Follow-ups and reminders are super important for the success of your campaigns.

Here's a WhatsApp template that we recommend for following up with leads prior to your Invisalign Open Days. 

Open Day Appointment Confirmation*:

* Sending these from a mobile phone number (not your Practice Management software) tends to elicit a great response and helps preempt FTAs and cancellations.

Hi {name}, {your name} here from {your practice name}. Just wanted to confirm that we’ll see you for the Invisalign Open Day special offer on {day, date at time}? Please let me know.

Hi {name}, just tried calling you. I wanted to confirm if you’ll be coming to our practice to receive your Invisalign Open Day special offer this {day, date at time}? If not please let me know so I can give the offer and slot to another patient. Thanks. - {your name} from {your practice name}.

It is recommended that you give leads up to 72 hours to respond and make a deposit, following which the appointment will be confirmed. Be sure to remind them that the booking will get cancelled if they don't pay the deposit within this timeframe. This is a good way to target genuine leads and ensure a substantial turnout on the Open Day.