Smile fast WIP

Speaker 2: (11:14)
It's a process of doing composite veneers basically. Um, and it's digitally planned a bit like Invisalign. So you take photographs, they go off to the lab, the lab makes a digital smile. All right. If the patient likes that look, then they make a model, which you try to see if that is how they want to look. And then if they like that and it works, then you go ahead and you sort of bond the composite onto the

Speaker 1: (11:43)
Oh, right. Yeah. Okay. That sounds good. Yeah. I think we kind of worked with that. We, we run for other, for other practices, we run a smile makeover like campaigns in general. And then sometimes we go for specific things like composite bonding, Corbin nears. And then in this case, we could mention that it's a smile, fast technique. So yeah, it would, yeah. Now, you know, sometimes in some weeks the companies will slow down, but then the next week you will pick up again. So yeah, we are working on it, they today week to week, um, on optimizing and okay.