Should I take a deposit?

A deposit is a powerful tool for helping you qualify your leads, reduce FTAs and cancellations.

It's good practice to take a deposit to help find out which leads are more interested in the treatment and are therefore more likely to attend the consultation!

Make it clear that since the consultation is free, you need to take a deposit because:

  • You don't want anyone to say they’re coming to the appointment and then not attending because you'll be wasting valuable time in the calendar.
  • That means you can then book in and help other patients who do want the offer you have running.

How the deposit works:

  • If the patient can't attend for any reason, then that's fine, but you do need to know in advance.
  • The deposit is refunded fully when they attend or give you notice that they can't attend.
  • Alternatively, they credit the deposit towards the cost of the treatment should they go ahead.

The deposit is a great way to get a commitment from them to actually show up on the day.