Should I still do video consultations post lockdown?

Video consultations have worked really well during lockdown, and moving forward our advice is to offer a choice.

Video consultations have worked extremely well for practices and kept a steady flow of high-value cases like Invisalign in the pipeline.

But with the lockdowns having eased and people feeling more comfortable with returning to a more normal way of life, you're going to find that some people prefer to come in for a face to face consultation - rather than a virtual one over Zoom.

We suggest keeping your Facebook ad campaigns as they were - offering a free consultation, and when you have them on the telephone give them the option to come to the practice for a face to face consult if they'd prefer that.

Sometimes this can mean fewer consultation bookings, but the conversion rate is higher because you only get to see the patients who are almost ready to buy.

You may also find that you get quite a lot of people directly messaging you on Facebook and not contacting you through your ad, to see if they can just book with directly with you for a face to face consultation.

From a practice's perspective, if you have the capacity and the availability, then you're probably going to want patients to come into the practice as soon as possible.

Our advice is to offer patients the choice and give them the flexibility they want.