Should I offer a big discount on my treatments?

A lot of practices think they have to do a massive discount for their offer. But that's exactly what you should NOT do.

Most Facebook agencies will advise that when you start running ads, you need to do a very big offer - for example £500 off Invisalign, free whitening & free retainers etc.

But the problem is most people on Facebook and Instagram aren’t ready to buy.

It’s not like Google.

If someone is on Facebook, looking at their friend’s photos and watching funny videos, they may or may not be ready to buy Invisalign right there and then - and so we need to take that into consideration and adapt how we present the ad and what we put in our ads.

Going out to someone who’s not ready to buy with a price is presumptuous and ineffective.

So the people who are interested are only interested in the fact that you’re offering a big discount and they’re going to be bargain hunters.

The first thing we always recommend is - don’t ever do a big offer on your high ticket treatments. Instead offer value.