I'm an associate - how can I start marketing myself?

Associates can feel frustrated about their marketing options, so here are two ways you can get the ball rolling.

We’ve helped a number of associates with successful marketing campaigns and we know from experience that some principals are more supportive about associate marketing than others. 

The challenge is that the principal can feel there's too much risk in paying for the advertising, without having a guaranteed return.

If you want to run your own Invisalign Open Days then this can feel like a major roadblock.

The solution is to de-risk the initiative for the principal.

1. We recommend the associate pays for the Invisalign Open Day marketing and if you get a return and the Open Day is a success, then the principal pays you back.

2. Alternatively, the associate could pay half of the marketing costs and the principal would pay the other half.

We've seen that having an iTero scanner can also help with increasing new treatment uptake from your new leads and getting that return on investment.

To recap, it’s not uncommon for principals to not be fully supportive, but you can de-risk the marketing costs for them because they're only going to pay you back once the marketing is generating a return.