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How much will I spend per day on Facebook ads?

You need to optimise your daily spend. Too little will not get you the desired results. Spending too much may mean you're not able to accommodate all of the new enquiries.

Your daily ad spend will depend on the type of campaign that you are running.

We've found that a reasonable starting budget for a Facebook monthly campaign for treatments like Invisalign and dental implants is £15 per day. This is based on the cost per lead, which is defined by the competition in your area and the trends in the market.

Due to Facebook's nature, we can expect a fluctuation in the cost per lead from day to day, resulting in a flux in the daily ad spend.

Campaign optimisation also plays an important role when discussing cost per lead and daily ad spend on Facebook. After reviewing your campaign's KPIs, your dedicated campaign manager will optimise your campaign regularly to ensure all the mea