How much should I spend on Facebook ads in the first month?

Based on the data gathered from running thousands of successful campaigns, we've developed a proven strategy for the best way to start off.

The strategy is always to run the campaign for a couple of weeks to see what the numbers are like, what the cost per lead is, how many people we are able to get into the practice and getting the team up to speed.

Outside of London we generally recommend around £400 pounds per month as a starting point.

Then we reassess it from there after a couple of weeks' data has been collected.

Most practices will usually end up getting one or two cases in the first month, which is always nice because then we have some data to work with and we know how many cases, leads and consults we've generated. We can then work backwards from there.

As an example, say for the coming month, you would want four cases to be confirmed.

Based on the data collected previously, we would increase the monthly ad spend to about £600 pounds. With this figure, we can say that the advertising costs would start to pay for itself, with the team more confident to start increasing the ad spend in order to get the results you want.