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How can I improve my conversion rates?

You might find that your cost per lead is good, you're getting a good number of leads but your conversion rate is low. Here's what you can do about that.

There are different monthly variables for a successful campaign:

  • The number of leads
  • The number of bookings
  • The number of conversions (treatment uptake)

We at Ignite work tirelessly to get the number of leads per month as high as possible by optimising your campaign twice a week.

We do this by using the data we've gathered and the techniques we've developed as a result of helping hundreds of practices with new high-value leads that convert to booked treatments.

After we deliver the leads to you, the ball is very much in your court.

The number of bookings you achieve is determined by the way your team follows up with the new leads.

That means following up with new leads as quickly as possible to build rapport and trust with them to get them to the next stage.

We train your team on how to successfully follow up with the leads generated by our campaigns to increase the number of bookings and minimise FTAs (failed to attends).

The number of conversions (or treatment uptake) is up to the person holding the consultations and that's when the quality of your selling skills play a central role. 

At the in-person consult, it's important to not just do a clinical assessment and quotation for the new lead when you have them in the chair, but also to start building a rapport with them.

Just like everyone else these new patients want to feel important.

So ask questions like:

What do you do for a living?
How has the lockdown affected your day to day?
What is it that concerns you about your smile?

They'll begin to feel more comfortable with you and that will help with building a positive relationship.

Video Consultations

If you're doing video consultations before seeing the patient in practice, you must outline the treatment process very clearly and try to book them in for the next appointment there and then - whilst you have them on the call.

If you give them too long, their excitement will fade as time goes by, and they'll be less likely to book in when your Treatment Coordinator or reception team calls them.

If you're able to book them for the next appointment during that video consultation, we recommended asking for a small deposit of about £20.

Paying the deposit shows their commitment towards the next appointment, but it's small enough that they won't be put off by it.