Does Ignite work with competing practices?

Exclusivity is a hot topic - and rightly so. Let's dive right into our policy on competing practices.

A question that comes up a lot when we're speaking with practices who are interested in working with us is:

'What's your policy when it comes to working with other practices in my area?'

It's a great question and we're very aware of the concern around this.

That's why we take the issue of exclusivity seriously and we're proud to say it's one of the big differentiators that separate us from other agencies.

Treatment exclusivity

Firstly, our commitment is always to our existing clients.

We will never run two campaigns for the same treatment for two different practices in the same area.

So if you're a current client of ours and a competing practice in your area wants to work with us, we'll tell them straight away that there's potential conflicts of interests.

For example, if you have an Invisalign Facebook ad campaign running with us, we wouldn't run an Invisalign Facebook campaign for a competing practice in the same area.

But if the other practice wanted to run a Facebook ad campaign for say implants, and you weren't running a campaign for implants - then we'd potentially be able to work with them on that campaign due to it being a different treatment.

Platform exclusivity

We also give you platform exclusivity.

We've established that if you were running a Facebook ad campaign for implants with us (for example), we wouldn't run a Facebook ad campaign for implants for a competing practice in your area.

But if another practice in the same area wanted to run ads for implants as part of a Google ad campaign, then we could potentially work with them on that.

Area/Population density

Another factor that we take into account is population density - we don't overlap the targeting of audiences.

That means in smaller cities and towns if there isn't sufficient population to separate the audiences for two campaigns from different practices, then we wouldn't run more than one campaign in that area.

However, if the population density was sufficient then we could potentially run a campaign for that practice.

We look at our own 'heat map' to make sure that both practices have a very good audience size that we can target and make sure that there isn't any overlap.