Do Facial Aesthetics campaigns work well on Facebook and Instagram?

Facial aesthetics campaigns perform well on Facebook and Instagram, but there are certain guidelines we have to adhere to.

There are some regulations from the Advertising Standards Authority that prevent anyone from mentioning Botox in ads.

And because Facebook has an AI bot that can 'read' your landing page, we're not able to mention Botox on that page either.

So what we do is mention 'dermal fillers', 'facial aesthetics' etc in the ad instead. Then when you speak with the lead on the phone, you can explain to them what the various options are.

Many people already know what they want - for that reason it's actually quite straight forward.

For facial aesthetics, it's generally best to do a % discount on the first 1ml of treatment (for fillers). Previously, for Botox, we offered to do two areas for the price of one, but with the ASA guidelines, it's become trickier - so we generally just focus on offering a free consultation.

The cost per lead for a FA campaign is around £8-£12. Generally speaking, Facial Aesthetics treatments have a lower cost than high-ticket treatments (such as Invisalign) - but because treatments like Botox or Dermal Fillers are recurring, the life time value of one patient is higher - generating a good ROI in the long term.