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Why are my leads poor quality?

Leads from different sources have a different psychology. You need to understand the differences and adjust your approach accordingly.

Firstly, ask yourself: What makes you think your leads are of poor quality?

Make sure that you've fully factored in the huge difference between the psychology of leads that come to you from personal recommendation or referral and leads that come to you from paid advertising.

When someone is referred to you they're pretty much ready to go ahead with the treatment.

These patients are the easiest to convert into booked treatments and that's because a trusted person has recommended you.

They are much further ahead in the buyer purchase cycle, and are more willing to convert into paying customers. 

However, the psychology of someone who responds to your ads on Facebook & Instagram is very different - so your conversion rates are going to be a lot lower than with referrals and word of mouth marketing.

That’s because you don’t have the know, like and trust factors dialled in yet and that comes as a result of a little 'nurturing'.

If you’re only used to dealing with 'word of mouth' and clinical referrals, then you need to understand the psychology of the leads coming through from your paid advertising and adjust your follow-up procedure accordingly.

The key in all of this is to make sure the first thing you do when you speak to someone is to try to work out how motivated they are and how ready they are to buy - because then you can tailor the discussion accordingly.

So if someone has a wedding coming up at the beginning of next year and they’ve always dreamed of having straight teeth - then we know that they’re motivated.

Whereas if someone is just trying to understand what Invisalign or clear aligners are, then maybe they’re just in the early stages of research and they’re not quite ready yet.

So that's the key to understanding the difference between Facebook ads and Instagram ads versus the normal sources of patients that a practice might be used to.

By the way, if you're finding that leads are very price-sensitive, it may be because you're mentioning the price of the treatment before you've had the chance to build rapport with them and show the real value of the treatment.

This can put leads off as it's too early on in the process to bring up the price.

Here's a helpful article that discusses this:

When do I mention the price?

The bottom line is that Facebook leads are at different stages of the buying cycle and some will need a little more nurturing than others.